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Snow Leopard Sighting



Snow Leopard Sighting ( Wildife )

Snow Leopard (Panthera uncia) is an endangered animal. Having the chance to see one of these magnificent felines is a lifetime achievement. One can experience the snow leopard sighting in the wilderness of Ladakh in the months from February to April. There are various villages where special arrangements and short treks are organized by MERO Expedition for this experience. We try to minimise the adverse effects of tourism and trekking on the snow leopards by sticking to the wildlife department norms.

Mero Expedition arranges its snow leopard sighting treks in Sham valley in villages as Ulley or in the Hemis National Park depending on the month of the trip. The trip usually is of 8-10 days when you can relax in the lodges in these areas and have everyday excursions in search of the elusive feline.

The trip is charged on per day basis and patrons can decide the number of days they wish to spend. At this time of the year the weather is cold and usually ground is snow clad. It is a very unique experience to live in anticipation. We do not create any artificial circumstances for the leopard to appear close to the village and so there can be no guarantee of the sighting.

Full accommodation, food, guide and equipment is included in the price.