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Rafting ( Adventure )

Rafting in the white waters of the Zanskar river is a thrilling experience. While rafting down the Zanskar river to meet the Indus at 'Sangam' one can imagine the frozen expance of the same water usead to tread along during the well-known winter 'frozen river - Chadar' trek.

The rafting starts from a couple of different spots, the longest one starts at Chilling village. It takes 1 hour/1.5 hours/2.5 hours to raft the 10/ 15/ 25 KM river. The raft is almost always in the deep dug valley of the Zanskar and looking up one sees the strip of sky. Dodging the rapids and getting cold water splashed on the face is a unique experience.

Mero Expedition offers a full package for rafting - pick up from hotel in the morning by 9 AM, drive to the Sangam where you will be given the wet-suits, then drive to the starting point, a 20-30 minute training of rafting and safety precautions, Rafting for about 2 hours then a complimentary lunch at the end point and drop back to the hotel in Leh by 4-5 PM.

Do not miss the chance to have a dip (if not a flip!!) in the river - thats the adventurous spirit.