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About Us

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Expedition Tours & Treks


Expeditions are organized treks or climbs to high peaks. In Ladakh one can do Stok - Kangri (6150 m) to Nun (7135 m) peaks and others like Kang Yatse, Dzo Jongo, Mentok Kangri etc peaks. Expedition has a degree of difficulty and technical climbs for the adventurous climber. Mero provides well versed guides, cooks, helpers and ponies or porters for the group to succeed in their mission. We also have equipment necessary for the enthusiast climber. Go through our itineraries to find an Expedition that suits your liking and physical strength and we will make it a memorable experience for you to climb.


Ladakh offers a range of treks and Mero helps you along to accomplish the trek. Markha valley is one of the popular trek destination but other little known treks in Changthang or Zanskar are also worth trying. A trek takes you along a river valley, over high passes and through remote small villages where the experience gained by walking and watching is unique. Check out our all - inclusive itineraries for Trekking In Ladakh!!

Caltural Tours

With the changing priorities of tourists Mero Expedition arranges sightseeing tours, monastery stay – tours, cultural insight tours and camping as well. Cultural tours take you to the popular tourist places in Ladakh and gives a personalized experience with the local people and environment. We make tours to your liking and adjust them as per the required length of stay. Popular destinations covered are Thiksey, Shey, Hemis, Alchi, Likir, Lamayuru monasteries, The Pangong Lake, Nubra valley with double hump camel ride, Tsomoriri lake with nomadic view, Dha-Hanu and Aryan valley stay, Magnetic hill, Sangam, Rafting, Leh palace and much more.

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